Are you part of a sports club, sports association, charity or business that needs revenue?

Would your club, association, charity or business benefit from new revenue?  Revenue that doesn't cost $ to generate and doesn't come with obligations once secured? If so,

Sports Super™ can help!

Since inception in 2008, Sports Super has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue for Australian sports clubs, Associations and charities.

We help national, State and community sports clubs & organisations, charities and any membership-based business become financially sustainable whilst delivering superior family-friendly products which meet the needs of their employees, members and supporters.

Irrespective of whether you play, support or watch sport or simply live life at your own pace, we can help you get superior products, save $ and financially support your favourite sport or cause.

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Our business was founded on our strongly held philosophy of ‘giving back‘. By rebating a significant percentage of standard product fees, we are able to provide much needed revenue to Australian sports organisations, charities, businesses and communities. There is no financial impact on our clients -  individuals or organisations - the revenue streams generated are provided entirely by Sports Super. 

We have spent over a decade researching, developing and securing products and services required by Australians.  We continually strive to bring you the best all-round options.

·      We can confidently offer highly competitive market rates; 

·      We ensure a major emphasis on service (at no cost); and

·      Our individual clients have the unique opportunity to donate a percentage of our fees to the sport, charity or community organisation of their choice.

Our aim is to form a relationship with you which enables us to spread the spirit of goodwill.

Everyone benefits! Everyone wins! 


Sports Super™ provides general superannuation advice + effective & efficient administration services for employers and individuals*. Sports Super is the only superannuation program that contributes a % of your member fees to your nominated sport, Club, charity or business.

Check out our 1.0% AMP & 1.04% BT product offers.

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*Sports Super is paid by each Superannuation Fund from the fees we all pay as account holders.

Health Insurance

Sports Super Health Insurance, by GMHBA, is specifically designed for both active Australians and those living at their own pace. We provide enhanced policy cover for the injuries and extras treatments physically active people are more likely to incur, need & use; at a very competitive price; and we will financially support your sport, Club, charity or business when you sign up.

Uniquely, we will also contribute to your sport participation costs with a payment of $150 to you when you become a member.

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Mortgage Finance

Sports Super Mortgages, by NewCo Financial Services, is a free national broking service for anyone looking to finance or re-finance a mortgage.

We will appoint a fully accredited mortgage broker to work in your best interest to source the most suitable finance for your next property purchase or refinancing project.

Let Sports Super Mortgages do the work for you.

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  • Low fees - save $
  • Free support service
  • $ back to your Sport, charity or business
  • Better policy cover
  • Higher gap cover - save $
  • Low premiums - save $
  • $ back to you AND to your Sport, charity or business
  • Free mortgage broking services - save $
  • Source the best finance options - save $
  • $ back to your Sport, charity or business

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