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Sports Mortgages Benefits

Sports Super Mortgages provide a necessary, cost-effective and efficient mortgage support service for any person/s wishing to apply for residential mortgage, commercial or leasing finance. Sports Super acts as a referrer for your finance applications, via a fully licensed national third party, to all major mortgage lenders

The success of any mortgage finance process starts with the matching of the broker to the applicant – finding the most suitable broker to meet your needs is crucial to a successful outcome. Sports Super’s broker service is very experienced in arranging such one-on-one matching and doing it well has been a key to business success. Our matching model costs you nothing.

 Once appointed, your personal mortgage broker will work directly with you to understand your finance requirements, construct the application strategy, complete the necessary documentation and follow through with the targeted lender/s to approval, settlement and possession.

 Our brokers deal with all major and non-major lenders.

 Importantly, Sports Super Mortgages comes with two commitments to you:

  1. To provide you with the services of a professional, ethical and effective mortgage broker; and
  2.  Once your mortgage finance has been confirmed and accessed by you, a % of the commission we receive from your preferred lender will be directed to your sport or Club as revenue.

 So you are free to enjoy your new home, re-financed home or new investment property in the knowledge that you are also supporting your sport or Club.




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