Sports Superannuation


Sports Super™ was developed for two reasons:

  • to provide a low cost, efficient and safe superannuation administration service for all Australians who work, participate or just follow sport and all employers operating in or simply wanting to support the sports industry; and

  • to provide sports, and businesses involved in sport, a new revenue stream.

Sports Super administers to employers’ default super funds and to employees’ individual superannuation arrangements.

Sports Super Benefits

  • Low fees for all members (1% + small membership fee);

  • By being part of the largest superannuation fund in Australia, administered by AMP, or a market-leading superannuation fund owned by Westpac (BT);

  • A wide range of strong performing investment options;
  • Automatic benefits for employer organisations who join;
  • It's easy to join and transfer existing super fund/s. One form gets you started and all paperwork is prepared on behalf of members by Sports Super; and
  • Unlike all other super fund programs, Sports Super™ will contribute a % of members' service fees back to their nominated sport or Club.

How to join Sports Super

  • If you are happy with your super fund and prefer not to change, you can appoint Sports Super as your superannuation advisor and remain with your existing fund. There would be no change to your arrangements or fees; or

  • Alternatively, Sports Super™ can assist you to transfer to AMP Signature Super (with its 1.0% fee rate) or to BT Super for Life (at 1.04%).  As with your current super arrangement, AMP or BT would manage your super fund and your employer contributions would be paid directly into whichever of these funds you choose.

Either way, a % of the fees that each superannuation account holder (member/employee) is required to pay through their super, and is already paying, will be redirected to their preferred sport or club.

If you have a question about your superannuation arrangement or wish to speak to one of our advisors, please complete the enquiry form or, alternatively, contact us on (03) 8199 7935 today.


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